Metal Sheet Fence Rails SIGMA Graphite Bronze Black MAT

Metal Sheet Fence Rails SIGMA Graphite Bronze Black MAT

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Metal Sheet Fence Rails SIGMA

Color: Graphite, Brown, Black
Coating: Matt
Length: To size
Minimum rail length: 500mm
Recommended maximum length: 2000mm
Finish: straight or rounded
Can be mounted vertically and horizontally

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Kolory sztachetek metalowych

Modern metal fence rails do not require painting. They perfectly combine tradition and modernity, while allowing you to build a cheap and durable fence. Steel metal rails are devoid of the disadvantages of traditional wooden rails. They do not need to be painted for many years. Metal rails are modern fences with a traditional look. Metal rails last for many years without any maintenance while maintaining a beautiful appearance. At the same time, cheap metal rails are manufactured to size so they fit any fence. Metal rails can be attached both vertically and horizontally creating traditional rail fences as well as modern panel fences. Metal rails are available in many colors – including wood-like. Wood-like railings in particular are extremely popular among customers.

We offer a wide range of models and designs of metal rails that perfectly replace traditional wooden rails while being devoid of all their disadvantages. Steel rails made of coated sheets do not require annual maintenance and their durability is several years. This makes them much easier and cheaper to maintain. Cheap Metal railings are manufactured from the highest quality galvanized and coated so-called Swedish sheet which is coated with a polyester coating on both sides. Steel rail is an economical and aesthetically pleasing fence material.

Coated sheet metal rails are manufactured to size – according to customer order. They are available in many models: profiles and shapes and more than a dozen colors – including woodgrain versions. We offer a full system of mounting accessories – including posts, profiles and fittings and, of course, screws. Metal rail fences are a combination of architectural tradition and modernity of the material, which is coated sheet metal.

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