Mineral Wool Fireproof Insulated Sandwich Panel Wall Light 80 mm

Mineral Wool Fireproof Insulated Sandwich Panel Wall Light 80 mm

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Mineral Wool Fireproof Insulated Sandwich Panel Wall Light 80 mm

Thickness: 80mm
Available thicknesses: 80, 100, 120, 150 [mm].
Core: mineral wool (nominal apparent density 90 kg/m3)
Exterior cladding: lacquered galvanized steel sheet
Internal cladding: varnished galvanized steel sheet
Available colors: According to RAL palette
Reaction to fire: A2-s1,d0
Sound insulation [dB]: Rw≥32, RA1≥29-30, RA2≥28-29
Fire resistance: depending on the thickness and span (inquire)
Production and logistic minimums apply


Industrial halls
Industrial halls
Production buildings
Warehouse buildings
Service and commercial pavilions



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Sandwich panels with mineral wool core.

From the perspective of the last few decades, sandwich panels have proved to be a revolutionary solution in construction.
By definition, this material is a self-supporting element that simultaneously performs two functions – a partition (roof or wall) and a thermal insulator.

When using Layer Plates on an investment, the process of bringing an object is much less complicated, thus faster, and above all cheaper. The boards are ready-made components, prepared for instant assembly on any structure, such as steel.

Given the current situation in the construction services market, working time plays a key role in the process of cost optimization. The faster the facility is built, the more we will save on the cost of construction services, which have increased significantly in recent years. A short timeframe for the completion of the facility also means a quicker start of its use, and this, in the case of business investments, accelerates the achievement of returns on investment.

Thanks to their noncombustibility, panels with a mineral wool core are suitable for the construction of buildings with higher requirements for fire resistance. Mineral wool provides an excellent acoustic and thermal barrier. Sandwich panels with mineral wool can be used for exterior walls, interior walls, suspended ceilings and roofs. Sandwich panels with mineral wool core have a non-flammable core made of rock wool. They are used in facilities where high fire resistance, durability and higher acoustic insulation are required. Panels with mineral wool core have fire properties that place them in the class of non-flammable products – A2.

Mineral wool boards are distinguished by their fire resistance and sound insulation. One of the properties of mineral wools is how they behave during a fire. Sandwich panels with mineral wool core are even classified as EI 240, which means that both the airtightness and fire insulation of the partition is maintained for 240 minutes. That’s long enough to safely exit the building and reduce potential fire damage as much as possible. The second property is important if the partition is to additionally protect against excessive noise. The best variants of panels show good sound insulation, which in practice means a sound insulation index of up to 33 db.

Sandwich panels with mineral wool core are one of the most effective insulation solutions used in modern construction. Mineral wool, thanks to its structure, provides very good thermal insulation, which translates into a significant reduction in the cost of heating and cooling buildings. In addition, this material is characterized by high fire resistance, which increases the safety of use of buildings equipped with this type of panels. Thanks to these properties, mineral wool sandwich panels are increasingly chosen for the construction of both residential and commercial buildings.

Another important advantage of sandwich panels with a mineral wool core is their ability to provide acoustic insulation. In buildings where noise reduction is a priority, such as schools, hospitals and office buildings, these panels effectively reduce the transmission of sounds from outside and between rooms. This makes sandwich panels not only improve thermal comfort and safety, but also affect the quality of life and work in the buildings where they are used.

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