PIR Insulation Board THERMANO Compact 80 mm thermal polyisocyanurate foam polyurethane 1200×600 mm

PIR Insulation Board THERMANO Compact 80 mm thermal polyisocyanurate foam polyurethane 1200×600 mm

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THERMANO PIR PANELS 80 mm 1200x600mm

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PIR polyurethane polyisocyanurate insulation
Thickness: 80 mm / 8 cm
Board version: Thermano Compact
Board width: 1200mm
Board length: 600mm
Surface area of the board piece: 0.72 m2
1 package 600 x 1200mm =  7 pcs. / 5,04 m2
Type of polyurethane: PIR (polyisocyanurate)
AluKraft gas tight cladding
Density: 30 kg/m3
Grade: 1
Lambda λdekl.: 0.023 W/mK

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PIR polyurethane insulation is currently one of the best ways to insulate roofs, floors, facades. THERMANO PIR board with ALUKRAFT cladding is a composite – sandwich panel consisting of gas-tight cladding filled with PIR polyisocyanurate foam. Thermano PIR insulation is one of the best thermal insulation materials available on the market. Thermano PIR has the best thermal insulation properties with a very low declared thermal conductivity coefficient λdekl. 0.023 W/mK. Thermano PIR boards are used as thermal insulation wherever every centimeter counts and the best insulation is required in places such as roofs: sloping and flat as well as: foundations, partition and exterior walls, ceilings, balconies and terraces. In addition, Thermano has the best hardness parameter – compression resistance among commercially available PIR boards of 200kPa.

The operating temperature of PIR boards (amplitude) is very high. THERMANO withstands temperatures in the range from -70 to +140°C (briefly up to +240°C).
Thermano is closed-cell and non-absorbent. Water absorption after 24 hours of full immersion of THERMANO PIR is less than 2%. German tests also show that even after 28 days of immersion in water, the increase in the thermal conductivity index for THERMANO is only 0.0018 W/(mK) (with a base value of 0.023 W/(mK)). Thus, no waterproofing failure, even of long duration, will not cause a significant reduction in the thermal properties of the insulation, so minor workmanship errors or imperfections do not threaten disaster, as with a mineral wool solution.

Application of Thermano boards : insulation and thermal insulation of roofs, facades and walls, floors and floors.
Objects: single-family houses, steel halls, livestock buildings – pigsties, barns, poultry houses and mushroom houses
Also available in 1200x2400mm format.

Modern Energy-Saving Construction uses intelligent technologies – such as PIR polyurethane insulation, enabling high thermal comfort and creating a building with low energy consumption and low operating costs. THERMANO PIR Panels fit perfectly into this trend. PIR polyurethane boards provide more effective thermal insulation compared to other insulation materials such as popular mineral wool, EPS and XPS polystyrene or cellulose. THERMANO PIR boards allow you to use your house or apartment for a long and safe time and save on energy bills.


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