Profil H 40 PVC for Insulation Boards AGRO PIR

Profil H 40 PVC for Insulation Boards AGRO PIR

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H 40 profile for PIR AGRO panels

Material: PVC
Profile height: 40 mm
Application: PIR AGRO boards
Price: mb
Sold in full bars: 4m
(The price of mb should be multiplied by 4 for a piece)
Price per bar: 34,00 net /mb 41,82 gross
H profile for fixing PIR panels to the roof structure.
H profiles are used for internal fixing.
U-profiles (C) for fastening along the edge.

Application: Poultry houses, pigsties, barns.
Construction AGRO

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Poultry houses, piggeries and barns need specialized products for walls and facades due to the specific physical and chemical conditions inside AGRO buildings.

For insulating livestock buildings and cold stores and freezers, we recommend PIR AGRO boards in two versions:
– AGRO AL boards with a cladding of pure aluminum 50mu
– AGRO FIBERGLASS boards with a lining of fiber-reinforced polyester resins.

For fixing AGRO boards, PVC profiles are used: chair, H, U (C) and dedicated hangers.
Unlike steel-lined panels, PIR AL and FIBER panels are resistant to physical and chemical agents generated during agricultural production and, in addition, easily washable, which facilitates maintenance.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 2400 × 50 cm
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