Standing Seam Modular Metal Roof Panel Clicklock FIT-S

Standing Seam Modular Metal Roof Panel Clicklock FIT-S

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Standing Seam
Modular Metal Roof Panel FIT-S

Modular seam panel – Click.
Advantages: Seal Protect, Bend Lock, Easy Link
Sales unit: sheet
Seam height: 22mm
Actual width: 558mm
Effective width: 527 mm
Actual length: 1020 mm
Effective length: 990 mm
Effective area of the sheet: 0.52 m2
Profiling: Smooth, Micro rib, Molet
Coating: ULTIMAT [UTK].
Warranty: 55 years [HC] 30 years [UTK].
Grade: 1

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FIT Modular Seam Panel is a combination of tradition and modernity. It is a beautiful and airtight covering used for centuries where copper and titanium sheets were originally used.

FIT-S seam panel, due to its timeless features and elegance, is used in the construction of traditional single-family houses, modern barn-type houses and, thanks to the recognition of architects, exclusive apartments. FIT seam panel is suitable for both roof and facades. Nowadays, sheet metal produced and protected against corrosion according to the latest technology is used in production. The panel is an inactive part of the 2in1 SOLROOF solar roof system. It is possible to later replace the inactive FIT panel with a photovoltaic active panel FIT-VOLT and get a photovoltaic roof with PV panels producing free electricity from the sun.
FIT seam roof panel is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, the quality of which is confirmed by up to 55-year warranty for HERCULIT [HC] coating.

Looking for the highest quality ? Ask for FIT in Herculit [HC] coating.

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