Kingspan X-DEK IPN 100 mm inverted flat roof insulated sandwich panel PIR glass veil

Kingspan X-DEK IPN 100 mm inverted flat roof insulated sandwich panel PIR glass veil

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Kingspan X-DEK IPN 100 mm inverted flat roof insulated
Sandwich Panel PIR glass veil

Thickness: 100 mm / 10 cm
Available thicknesses: 100, 140 mm
Type: roof
Sheet length: 3-14m
Width of sheets: 1m
Sales unit: m2
Inner cladding: construction sheet
External cladding: glass veil
Grade: 1
Ud,s = 0.26-0.13 W/m2K (depending on the thickness and type of panel)
λ= 0.020 (for XD version)
λ= 0.022 (for versions XM, XG, XB with a thickness of 140 mm)
λ= 0.023 (for XM/XG/XB versions with a thickness of 80-100 mm)
REI 30 (140 mm thick), REI15 (80-100 mm thick).

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Application: roofing of roofs in all construction applications – also making green roofs. Inverted roof / lost formwork. Trapezoidal structural sheeting filled with insulating PIR foam provides the basis for the final layer of waterproofing or comes in a version with waterproofing applied at the factory. It can be used on roofs with a slope of more than 1%.

X-DEK Layer Panels are roofing sandwich panels prepared for membrane and membrane roofing are suitable for flat roof soffits in all construction applications, except those with low interior temperatures. The idea of an inverted roof (lost formwork) and the use of a load-bearing structural trapezoid on the inside and one of the many available claddings on the outside makes it possible to install all kinds of ventilators, skylights and smoke dampers, ventilation and fire protection elements in a simple and guaranteed airtight manner.

X-dek™ roof sandwich panels are used as roofing material for production buildings, large-area stores or sports facilities. They are very easy and fast to install and provide very good thermal insulation.

The KS1000 X-DEK insulating roof panel draws attention with its low weight and exceptional thermal insulation properties. Add to this a thoughtful range of different options and you get the perfect system. Excellent thermal properties guarantee high energy efficiency of the building. The low weight of the KS1000 X-DEK panels, ranging from 14.8 to 23 kg/m², and its excellent static performance save the material required to erect the supporting structure.

Sealing on the exterior side is available in three variants:

Type XB – bitumen-impregnated veneering with non-woven TR 20 textile material, an option suitable for sealing bitumen strips.
Type XG – veneering with non-woven fiberglass textile TR 27, suitable for PVC and EPDM sealing.
Type XM – PCV-P thermoplastic sealing strip, with factory-made veneer.
Type XD – steel lining on both sides of the insulation core. The PVC waterproofing membrane is mechanically fastened to the 0.7 mm thick outer sheet (during installation)

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