Structural Insulated Panel SIP OSB PIR Insulated Board 20+8mm polyurethane termPIR OneSide

Structural Insulated Panel SIP OSB PIR Insulated Board 20+8mm polyurethane termPIR OneSide

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Thickness: 20+8mm
Polyurethane polyisocyanurate insulation
SIP panels on special order
Available thickness of PIR core: 20-200mm
Available OSB thicknesses: 8,10,12,18,22mm
Board width: 1200mm
Board length: 2500mm
Surface area of board piece: 3,00 m2
Sales unit: piece
Gasproof cladding – aluminum laminated paper plus OSB board
Goods on request
Grade: 1
Lambda λ: 0.022 W/mK

SIP termPIR® AL OSB is a composite – sandwich panel consisting of a PIR core and OSB.Between the panel with aluminum cladding and OSB there is an adhesive layer. It is possible to produce SIP panels with OSB on both sides. SIP PIR panels are available in a wide range of thicknesses of PIR foam (20-200mm) and OSB (8-22mm).



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SIP OSB PIR panel is a modern building composite that allows to build quickly, cheaply and efficiently. Used in frame construction – on a wooden or metal structure, SIP PIR panels create thermally efficient building walls. The use of PIR foam, which has a lambda 50% better than Styrofoam (λdekl. 0.022 W/mK), makes it possible to obtain a much better wall than standard SIP Panel with EPS Styrofoam. OSB panel with Styrofoam has many disadvantages which SIP panels with foam are devoid of. First of all, it is open-cell, and secondly it is liked by rodents (mice) and pests for which EPS polystyrene is an ideal environment for nesting and tunneling. SIP board with polyurethane is devoid of these disadvantages. Rodents nor mice are uncomfortable with polyurethane because of its texture and smell. In addition, SIP Panels with foam are closed-cell – they do not absorb water and much denser (PIR density is 30kg/m3) and twice as hard. It has been known for a long time that PIR polyurethane insulation is currently the best and most effective way of thermal insulation and thermal modernization of roofs, floors, facades. The SIP panel combines the advantages of PIR foam with the advantages of OSB so that walls are built quickly and cheaply. Modern SIP PIR panels perfectly fit into the latest trends in construction which is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of PIR insulation – polyurethane / polyisocyanutart.

*Hard and resistant to damage – σ₁₀ = 150 kPa (from 30 mm)*.
do not change shape over time (do not settle), and are lightweight.
120 mm thick panels are only 3.6 kg/m².
*Perfect thermal insulation – λ = 0.022 W/m-K* is sufficient for D
already a board thickness of 110 mm, and in energy-efficient houses
and passive houses 230 mm.
*Water resistance – soakability below 2%* forget about replacing
soggy insulation. An additional advantage is the possibility of
year-round installation.
*Resistance to biological and chemical agents you do not have to
share your home with rodents and insects, or worry about
Fungi or mold.
*Self-extinguishing material, that is, it does not support fire.

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