SwissPearl Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets Roof W130-9

SwissPearl Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets Roof W130-9

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SwissPearl W130-9
Fiber cement corrugated sheets

Color: natural gray – unpainted
(available in 8 colors)
Version: standard
Sales unit: m2
Grade 1

Sheet parameters:
1150×625 mm
1150×1250 mm
1150×1875 mm
1150×2500 mm

Available in NO/WO version (undercut corners and mounting holes for screws)



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SwissPearl fiber cement corrugated panels (formerly Cembrit EuroFala B59), which mimic the once popular asbestos eternit, are created primarily for use in agricultural buildings – livestock and farm buildings. The characteristics of fiber cement make it one of the most popular options for finishing Agro buildings – and it is certainly the best material for stables and horse riding arenas. It doesn’t heat up or make noise in the rain. Economical, resistant to corrosion by which it is durable. They create the right microclimate for raising animals and storing crops. Ideally suited for : barns, pigsties, poultry houses, stables, grain storage.

SwissPearl EuroFala fiber cement panels are also suitable for renovation of buildings, allowing them to restore their former appearance and replace life-threatening eternit without unnecessary reconstruction of the roof structure. Fiber cement is durable and strong, and does not rust like sheet metal. It is resistant to the natural chemicals given off by animal production in piggeries, barns and poultry houses, and avoid the condensation effect – the dew point. They do not heat up to high temperatures in hot weather and dampen the sound of precipitation.

SwissPearl corrugated panels are a high-quality fiber cement product for use as a roofing material, as well as part of a ventilated facade solution. Swisspearl W130-9 corrugated panels will work well for new construction, but also on retrofitted and renovated buildings. Many existing buildings built between 1960 and 1990 have roofs that need to be replaced. The Swisspearl W130-9 roofing system is designed to be used optimally in such cases. This system has formats, shapes and profiles that are ideal for replacing old-style roofing. Using the latest technological advances, the fully accredited board system allows architects to design residential, agricultural or industrial buildings with fire-resistant, sustainable products. Swisspearl corrugated panels are manufactured using Portland cement combined with a formula of premium mixed synthetic and cellulose fibers, further reinforced with reinforcing strips. Swisspearl roofing products are manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards and norms.

Swisspearl W130-9 corrugated sheets come in a variety of profiles, sizes and colors, and for some types of sheets we offer reinforcing strips, diagonal corners and pre-punched holes. Swisspearl corrugated sheets are complemented by a wide range of fiber cement accessories.

Material: fiber-cement
Surface and coating Water-based acrylic paint
Colors Natural gray unpainted + 8 painted colors
Fire resistance class: A2 – s1, d0 (painted) A1 (unpainted)
Mechanical strength class: B2Y
Weight: 11.7 kg/m2
Fastening : Steel or wood with self-drilling screws

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